Easy Dash App Privacy Policy

​Protecting your privacy matters to us and it should matter to you as well. The Easy Dash app uses the Google Analytics API to display your analytics data. To access this service you will first need to authenticate yourself with a valid Google login using an email and password. This authentication is managed by a secure screen within the app provided directly by Google. The login process uses OAuth 2.0 to keep your information private. At no time are your login credentials stored by or visible to Easy Dash. Once authenticated, a secure token is sent to the app by Google and stored locally so that you don’t have to re-authenticate. If you sign out of Easy Dash then the stored token is rendered invalid.

Easy Dash itself uses the Google Analytics library to track how features are used. It does not collect your private analytics data and no personally identifiable information is gathered. This tracking allows us to understand how the application is used, which features matter most and where people tend to have problems. This information is used to make improvements to Easy Dash.

If you have any privacy concerns then please get in touch with us: support(AT)jonathonbalogh(DOT)com


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